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Printable Price Lists

Click here for a printable .pdf  2019 price list of BSA Gold Star A10 and B31 parts


PAYMENTS - I no longer take credit or debit card payment - PayPal or cheque is fine but best (for UK customers) is "bank transfer" - if you have internet banking this is quite straightforward (or you could just go in your bank with my sort and account numbers and ask them to do it !) Overseas customers can use PayPal or contact me for alternatives.

POSTAGE - this generally works ok but if it is excessive, I may be able to reduce (refund by PayPal is easy)

Product Origin

Barleycorn Engineering

 67-6039 (not stainless)  lock strips ..
Footrest stud 7/16 UNF 1.2" long all threaded ..
tool box internal mounting studs ..
set of 15 primary chaincase screws  with longer front screws for alternator models ..
tool box internal mounting bolts (should be studs with nuts really !!) ..
4 rocker box nuts (for Iron head)   ..
Single chamfer nut in stainless steel ..
Bolts and nuts for Head steady plate for DBD etc Goldies. Stainless 2 off 15-1355 1 1/2" ..
Head steady plate for DBD etc Goldies. Stainless Bolts and Nuts for this are at BC126A ..
B31/Gold star swing arm models   ..
side stand clamp screws - small head 5/16 cycle thread ..
brake cam for the 190mm front brake CNC machined from a tougher variety of stainless ..
stud in the brake plate for anchor strap nut ..
Front and rear brake cam(full width hub)   ..
seat mounting pin ..
for A10 and B31/Gold Star swing arm models   ..
fork drain screws pair
fork drain screws pair with fibre washers pt 2-1309 ..
4 screws at bottom of fork leg +nuts 15-7354
4 screws at bottom of fork leg +nuts pt nos 4x 15-7354 , 4x 2-923 ,4x 2-1616 ..
brake lever nut 2-440
brake lever nut pt no 2-440 ..
rear wheel adjusters/nuts 42-6040  24-563 (pair)
rear wheel adjusters/nuts ..
bottom yoke pinch bolts and nuts (pair)  29-5289
bottom yoke pinch bolts and nuts 2x 29-5289, Gold Star with tubular headlamp bracket - 2 ..
4 screws halfway up fork leg +nuts
4 screws halfway up fork leg +nuts pt nos 2x 65-6054 , 2x  3-1156, 4x 2-49 + washers ..
6  hex screws for front mudguard  +nuts
6 hex screws onto blade +nuts pt nos 6x 2-204 6x 2-2395 ..
oiltank  mounting screw/nut (rear)
oiltank mounting screw/nut (rear) ..
front spindle clamp bolt  65-5295
front spindle clamp bolt small head pt no. 65-5295 ..
top yoke pinch bolt and nut 27-5135, 61-6016
top yoke pinch bolt and extended nut pt nos 27-5135, and 61-6016 (or 29-5315 ) ..
tool box mounting screw/nut
tool box mounting screw/nut ..
anchor strap nut
anchor strap nut pt no 15-541 ..
kickstart cotter pin 2-2579
kickstart cotter pin ..
Headlamp mounting screws (pair)
Pair of Headlamp mounting screws. Polished Stainless ..
4 handlebar clamp bolts
4 handlebar clamp bolts. Polished Stainless. Please select "Gold Star" for bikes equipped wit..
shock absorber mounting bolts and nuts 65-4185 & 3-1399
shock absorber mounting bolts and nuts. These are for all Goldies,RGS and earlier A10 B31- ..
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